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So my friend has been in development hell for a long time, that is he has been developing characters and plot lines for his own original story, but has been completely neglecting his portfolio (umm...kinda like me). So I made a challenge for him and I. We must each create a 32 page comic issue including cover, layout and lines completed by year's end (we both work two jobs so had to account for that), with text on the side to be added later. Subject matter can be anything. The goal is to see if we can create a clear flow with panels alone, then add the txt/colors later. I will be posting my book here, and hopefully his book will be his first deviantart entry! The concept for mine is simple: Generation One Transformers crossover with 90's Jim Lee era X-Men ;) It will not be a stand-alone issue; depending on the first issue's feedback I have a mini-series concept I will continue on with which I will attempt to set a bi-monthly schedule for, with a total 6 issues planned throughout 2014. Of course as I do not own the characters involved I am doing this entirely as a way to challenge myself and build my portfolio. Also, I was not really impressed with the IDW Transformers VS Marvel Avengers crossover story, so this will be done in the style of the old What If! comics, taking the X-Men from the period between X-Men #1 and the fatal atractions saga and introducing the Transformers as if they had never seen the light of day in the marvel universe. Hopefully everyone will enjoy it once I get it finished :)
Wow, did I fail at following my own plans after my last entry on here! I have finally started some new concepts, to be uploaded in the next day or so, as a kind of new years resolution to get my ass in gear (except it's on my birthday instead of new year's haha :P  ) I am also going to be branching out my content more, and including some original characters. I went through a hell of a lot of restructuring in my life, and am now living with one of my best friends from back in college. As he is also an artist, my desire to draw is now back to where it was years ago, as I recieve now insights and perspectives on my work daily. I'm trying to get him on deviantart as well, but he procrastinates like me lmao. Anyways, to show I am finally active, I have a new sketch to throw on here. Thanks to everyone that has reviewed my work, especially those that have been waiting for something new :)
Hi there to everyone that checks out my page! I have never been very active on deviantart before, but I'm seeing all these great comments and I think I need to change that! A lot of the work on here is old by now, so I hope to add something new soon. Big thanks to everyone that has left comments, I'm gonna try and be on here on a regular basis now :)